Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1941 Schwinn Paramount

This is one beautiful Schwinn Paramount. The history of this bicycle is listed below correspondence between the owner and Frank Schwinn, then President of Schwinn Bicycle. All of this provenance only makes this bicycle more special and coveted in the hobby of bicycle collecting. I heard someone offer a large amount for this bicycle there, and it was quickly shot down, as this bicycle was not for sale.

I guess the bicycle was chromed(or maybe even rechromed?) in the early 1970s and the newer decals were added then. The new brake pads were added even more recently. I wonder why the rear fender stays were attached to the eyelets on the dropouts rather than the eyelets on the chainstays. It is nice how it still has the early fork, headset and adjustable stem. Did you notice the double cable stop on the downtube, it is just a shifter, minus the shifters.


Daniel said...

It's easy to see why the owner wouldn't sell. That is one very special Paramount.

I love the look of the fork.

Unknown said...

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