Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally installed a new bell

It is a vintage Ad-Hoc bell from France. Ad-hoc is best known for their bicycle frame pumps, some models selling for 100s of dollars. I have owned it for a couple years, but I had another cool French bell on my bike before. The bell could really use a proper polishing but I am rather busy lately, well always. I still have to put the chainguard on my bicycle too, maybe next month?


TD said...

For some reason I really like that stem/handlebar combo. Nice bell, too.

bikeville said...

the stem is a vintage Phillipe underslug stem. the handlebars are current Velo Orange Montmartre handlebars. The bars are fashioned after Phillipe french porteur bars.

TD said...

Ahhh...I recognized the Velo Orange bars, but did not know the origin of the stem. The good pairing makes sense, then.